Advice for New Business Owners and Managers

Sometimes an employee just doesn’t work out within an organization and needs to be let go. Firing an employee is a task that needs to be handled with delicacy and care, and the process can be intimidating for someone who has never been responsible for terminating an employee before.

If you find yourself in this situation, follow this advice from the members of Young Entrepreneur Council:

What’s one tip you’d give a new business owner on how to tactfully fire an employee if they’ve never done it before?

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  1. Consider how it can help them in the long run
    Letting someone go, in many cases, is a gift for them. If you are driven by a belief that everyone should have the opportunity to find an environment where they can be in their zone of genius, then you have to acknowledge that “zone” might not be with your company. And while sometimes people have a hard time leaving, you letting them go helps them in the long run. —Russell Benaroya, Stride Services
  2. Don’t blindside the employee
    Ensure that you’ve expressed dissatisfaction in multiple instances prior to termination. When you’ve reached this point, it’s always the right call to terminate. It’s also ideal if there are objective measures that the employee is consistently falling short of that can be referenced. —Carlo Cisco, SELECT

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