About Me

Hello, my name is Yoanna and my passion and life is art.

I started drawing as a little kid. I’ve come a long way since then. For example when I draw apple trees, the apples are not half the size of the tree itself, so I’m proud of myself. Accomplishments as this give me self confidence, which I hear is important.

In my life, drawing has been a forever faithful companion. Thanks to it, my parents didn’t care if I was not good at math for example. Very liberating.



After seventh grade I studied at the National School of Applied Arts “Saint Luca” Sofia. A wonderful school I’m glad I was part of. After graduation I started working as a colorist and illustrator for amilova.com while also applying for the National Academy of Art Sofia. I was accepted to the Academy, but chose to continue my work instead, finding it more fulfilling and fitting my desires, hopes and ambitions for the future, thus gaining professional experience and learning as I go.

I started working at Imperia Online as an illustrator at the end of 2012 and even though I had an amazing time there I decided to experience  a  freelance career so I left at august 2015.



I am currently a freelance artist doing what she loves!

Other than drawing I love reading, playing games, watching movies and interesting videos, listening to music, of course, and browsing fun sites.

What I value most are kindness, gratitude, curiosity, dreams and a great amount of silliness. For they make us better and this reflects on those around us.


If you prefer to contact me through email, don’t hesitate to do so at: drawly14 [at] gmail.com